Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Maybank2u.com On Mobile

Its kinda late for me to realise it :P All this while, I logged on to my Maybank account via normal URL made for PC.

Anyway, I managed to give it a try. Boleh tak my first impression was, "Cutenyaaa"..

Being mobile, the available functions are kinda limited but OK la. It caters your basic need when it comes to mobile banking.

What you can do? As of now, boleh tengok balance, check transactions history, buat fund transfer to registered account numbers, bayar bil yang dah diregister and oh, there is forex yada yada yada (not my cup of tea).

Mean to say, Open 3rd party transfer or one-time bill payment which requires TAC memang tak boleh la kaedahnya.. if thats the case, you have to log in using the usual URL made for PC.

If you have a Maybank account, give it a try at http://mobile.maybank2u.com.my. Dont fret, the login page is https :)

More info @ here.
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