Thursday, July 3, 2008

Gold Investment

Lanjutan dari post saya yg terdahulu, macam biasa - kita straight to the point :)

Gold price, back in 2003, it was RM49/gm.. (mak check resit beli rantai tangan masa nak kawen dulu.. kah kah kah)

La ni? You may check here according to Maybank or here, according to Public Bank..

So far kat Malaysia, as what I'm aware of, ada 2 bank yang offer utk pelaburan emas ni.


Kijang Emas Gold Coin

Beli & simpan sendiri Gold Coin tu.. seriau tak? hehehe.. ada dalam bentuk 1oz (31.105g), 1/2oz(15.550g) and 1/4oz(7.780g).. 99.9% gold.. kalau dah 31g, satu gram say RM100, so you do the math! You may get the coins from 30 selected branches only.. biasanya yg besar2 la tu..

Maybank ada jugak offer GSPA which means Gold Savings Passbook Account

whilst Public Bank pulak offer Gold Investment Account

Public Bank Maybank

  • Individuals (resident or non-resident) aged 18 years and above.

  • Personal or joint

  • Individuals

  • Joint account - maximum of 4 persons.

Minimum Initial Purchase 20gms5gms
Minimum Balance in the Account 2gms 1gms
Minimum Subsequent Purchase/ Sale 5 grams and must be in multiple of 1 gramMust not be less than 5 grams
Gold Purchase

  • Gold purchase will be based on the Bank's prevailing gold SELLING price quoted in RM per gram.

  • The mode of payment accepted for purchase of gold are :
  • - cash
    - debiting of account
    - house cheque

  • No physical gold deposit is allowed.

Takde la plak cakap. Maybe sama kot macam kat sebelah ni..

Apapun, ada FAQ
Gold Sale/ Withdrawal

  • Gold sale will be based on the Bank's prevailing gold BUYING price quoted in RM per gram.

  • Withdrawal options available are :
  • - Cash
    - Crediting of account
    - Physical gold withdrawal*

  • The withdrawal of gold from GSPA will be converted into Ringgit Malaysia at prevailing gold price.

  • GSPA account holders are allowed to withdraw the gold in below format:

  • • Physical gold
    Gold Wafers @ 10, 20, and 50 can be withdrawn at selected branches. A conversion charge to cover the shipping and insurance will be charged for the physical gold withdrawal.

    • Cash
    The amount of gold holdings can be converted to Ringgit Malaysia equivalent at the prevailing market (gold) price. The amount in RM will be credited into a Maybank deposit account of customer.
Account Opening RequirementCustomer is required to maintain either a savings account or current account prior to opening a GIA to facilitate the debiting of service fee, if any.
A GSPA passbook will be given to the account holders upon complete the procedure of opening the GSPA account.

The passbook is for deposit and withdrawal purposes. Deposit, withdrawal and closing of GSPA are available at any of the Maybank branches.
Service FeeAn annual fee of RM10 will be levied on the designated deposit account on the first day of the calendar year if the account balance is below 10gms as at year end.Withdrawal of physical gold is subject to conversion charge to cover the shipping and insurance. The fee is various and depending on total physical gold to be withdrawn.

So, take your pick -)
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