Saturday, March 27, 2010

No Sweat!

When I gave birth to my darling daughter, my other half asked me to quit my job. After some deep thoughts and few serious discussions with those whom closed with moi, I tendered my resignation letter :P

Thank God, all went well. In fact, it have been almost four months I've successfully become a stay-at-home-mom. Once in a while I still do some freelancing PHP coding job. The money is definitely good. Who does not feel that way when you can simply work from home at your own pace.

Since becoming a SAHM, I have been staying with in-laws. I am in the phase of learning how to cook well (and delicious, I hope) with mother in law :P Another step to be a domestic goddess, I must say. Hahahaha. You may view some of the outcome via my Masak-Masak label.

Anyway, this coming Wednesday, the in-laws are going to the north. The husband is going to work out of town. All of them are not there until Friday! So, there is ONLY me - I will be left alone with my 3 kids. To cook, to juggle with all of them – schooling, nursing (er, breastfeeding my darling daughter), tutoring her elder brothers homework, and not to forget to entertain toddlers' antique, it could be tough and chaotic!

But, NO SWEAT! There is always deodorant (read: Adidas Action 3) comes to the rescue. Hahaha.. After all, that is what mom is all about, huh?

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